Are you ready to kick fear down with faith, and walk in your purpose?

Want to be fabulous and faithful?

I’m the Success Coach that you need.

I am a successful woman on a quest to help as many women as possible define success in their own lives and unleash their gifts and talents to the world. I believe that you deserve to turn your passion into a profit and be an unstoppable bombshell.

I work with highly successful women who feel stuck in their careers and are ready for a change.

I help dynamic women discover their purpose and unapologetically be a powerful entrepreneur, businesswomen, and creator.

Why work with me?

I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, success coach and mentor, author, motivational speaker, and runner to keep my sexy. I know all about being fabulous and faithful and conquering the world in high heels.  I have experience and education in marketing, counseling, organizational leadership, and human services and I specialize in bringing out the brilliance in people just like YOU.

Honey, let me tell you, you have to be serious about bringing out your brilliance and be willing to work hard to achieve your goals. I only work with goal getters and women who feel and hear that voice inside of them saying “YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE!”

Can you feel the nudge to be great? If so, let’s get to work!

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All my life experiences, studies, and wisdom have prepared me for such a time as this; to empower YOU, enrich YOUR life, and encourage YOU to live a life with purpose and passion! Click on the video below and learn more!

Kick fear down with faith, and walk in your purpose.

Dr. Keita Joy


In the hustle and bustle of my daily life , taking care of everything and everybody, I often forgot about myself. I realized that something had to change because my life on the outside looked perfect but on the inside it was spiraling out of control. The vessel sent to help me  make that  change came in a petite package named Dr.Keita Joy of Keita Joy, LLC. I was apprehensive at first , out of fear, but what I appreciated the most during my sessions with Keita was her beautiful, calming spirit and her nonjudgmental attitude, which all put me at ease. Each session was exciting; we laughed, we cried, we praised! Each time I couldn’t wait  for our next meeting!

She guided me in achieving the goal I set out to accomplish, she helped me see my purpose in life and value my worth. I would highly recommend Keita if you are ready to face those fears that are keeping you from being that fabulous YOU!  I am forever grateful that  God saw fit for our paths to cross. As a practicing physician and single Mom, I am now better able to handle my busy life with purpose!

Marla Richardson-Price, MD

Family Medicine Physician