“Dr. Keita Joy is a woman full of purpose and passion with an incredible ability to bring increased productivity in corporations and organizations…she can light up a stage too!”

Congresswoman Val Demings

Former Police Chief of Orlando, FL

“In the hustle and bustle of my daily life , taking care of everything and everybody, I often forgot about myself. I realized that something had to change because my life on the outside looked perfect but on the inside it was spiraling out of control. The vessel sent to help me  make that  change came in a petite package named Dr.Keita Joy of Keita Joy, LLC. I was apprehensive at first , out of fear, but what I appreciated the most during my sessions with Keita was her beautiful, calming spirit and her nonjudgmental attitude, which all put me at ease. Each session was exciting; we laughed, we cried, we praised! Each time I couldn’t wait  for our next meeting!

She guided me in achieving the goal I set out to accomplish, she helped me see my purpose in life and value my worth. I would highly recommend Keita if you are ready to face those fears that are keeping you from being that fabulous YOU!  I am forever grateful that  God saw fit for our paths to cross. As a practicing physician and single Mom, I am now better able to handle my busy life with purpose!”

Marla Richardson-Price, MD

Family Medicine Physician


Gillum, Beto, Abrams, etc. built the excitement....

Ironically those who reap the benefits don’t resemble. Dems need to reflect.

Thank you @AndrewGillum for being an example of a servant leader for ALL people. Your hard work for our great state did not go unnoticed.

And...OOHHH FLORIDA WE SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT AND PASSED AMMENDMENT 4! 1.4 million new voters will be able to let their voices ring loud!

You can’t see it with your eyes first because you’re in the advanced placement class.

-G O D

Voting is an act where WE are all the same. The barista at Starbucks, the cashier at gas station, the CEO of Amazon, the teacher, the celebrity, the fill in the blank, are ALL the same at the polls. Your vote counts!
Get out and VOTE.

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