Are you ready to live an abundant life? Are you craving a life where your greatness is unleashed? It’s time to live an unapologetic, outrageously amazing life of purpose. The fabulous and faithful movement will energize your faith, appeal to your sexy, and spark a fire within you to be a beast at whatever is burning deep within your heart. That’s what fabulous and faithful women do; we love God, look good & take over the world.

Get the book everyone is talking about! A 31 day devotional for the successful woman who wants to love God, look good & take over the world. Take a journey with Dr.Keita Joy as she shares stories along with powerful encouragement to help you live your best life NOW! While you’re in the store, pick up your matching t-shirt!

Love God

In order for you to be a bombshell beauty and live a purpose driven life, God has to be the center of your life. I mean He has to be up in every decision you make from grocery shopping to landing a major investment deal, from deciding which Netflix video to watch to who you will allow to watch your kids when you’re out on a date. He is first, and every successful boss lady knows that.

Look Good (from the inside out)

Taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health is paramount. Looking good is all about accepting yourself for who you are and taking care of your total self; from meditation to relaxation; from gym time to girl time; and from makeup to dress up. Yes and Yes!

Take Over the World

Go get it! Dream it, do it, and leave others drooling over your accomplishments and inspired to be better than who they were yesterday. Take that God magic and live out your purpose with full force and lots of faith.