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I've spent many years living in the land of insecurity and heartache. There was a time when I used men to feel validated, important and beautiful. If a man lusted after me, I mistook that for love. With my father passing at the age of 12 and my mother battling alcohol and drugs, I started to look for love from any man that would give me attention. I wasn't always like that. I remember spending time with my father when I was younger and feeling so pretty. I didn't care what any other boy thought about me. I was scrawny, tall, and the Black version of Olive from the Popeye cartoon, but I felt every bit of beautiful and lovely. My dad always gave me positive affirmations and told me that I was pretty, smart and capable of doing anything I wanted to do. We spent so much time together playing tennis, watching TV, or just talking about me being my best.  I now realize how important the role of a father is; a father helps you understand and ACCEPT the love of God. That's why so many women who were abused or raped have a difficult time accepting God's love because it seems so foreign to them. I thank God that I had a glimpse of what God's love looks like at a young age, but when my father passed I didn't know how to cope, and instead of going to God to be filled up with love and worth I went on a hunt for thirsty, no good men, many of whom were just as broken as me.

It wasn't until I was 19 years old at Florida State University, that I met women who showed me God's word and how living and active it is (Hebrews 4:12). I accepted God's love. That's the hardest thing to do, but you would think it's the easiest. When you've been hurt for so long – bruised and battered spiritually, mentally and emotionally for years on end – the thought of someone loving you unconditionally sounds like a lie, a fairy tale, or only for someone without a rough past…not for people like me.

I finally believed that Jesus came to heal the sick and He healed my broken heart and taught me that WORTHY WOMEN WAIT!

I told myself:

I will wait until marriage to have sex. (Ladies and gents, it is never too late to recommit your body to The Lord and abstain from sex. Trust me, I've given my pearls to many pigs yet God still made me new, made me pure, made me whole).

I will wait to step into a relationship until I meet a man that loves God more than he loves me.
I will wait to give myself emotionally to a man until I see his values and standards.
I learned through Christ that I am worth the wait!

Now, I have been married to a God-fearing man for almost 7 years with 2 beautiful children.
WORTHY WOMEN WAIT. It wasn't easy, but nothing of great value is…
What causes you to settle, even when you know the person or situation is not good for you?