Welcome to coaching! I drive you to change. I encourage you to be better. I transform lives with my proven success principles that will help you level up in life and business. You really can live your best life,make more money, have great relationships, make a difference in the world, and have an abundance of fulfillment, joy, and success! Are you ready? Let’s get to work!

Here’s what I want you to do. Scroll down to read about my different coaching programs. From time to time, I have special coaching program offers that can also be seen below. To see the in-depth breakdown of my programs, click on the buttons below each program. It will show you everything from what’s included, to answering your questions, and more!

 Caron Butler, former NBA player for the  Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Wizards, and more! Butler is a two-time NBA All-Star, entrepreneur, NBA sports analyst, podcast owner and advocate for our community.

Christina Alvares, ESQ. owner of C. Alvarez Law is an Orlando-based litigation law firm set in a family-like environment who specialize in family law, probate, and estate planning.


Special Offer – 10 Spots @ amazing price

One-On-One Coaching Experience

You’re meant to live the life of your dreams and find fulfillment in every stage of life. You want to live life with more! More peace! More joy! More goals! More opportunities! Your heart is craving for a change. Maybe you want to start a new business venture, get ahead in your company, seek a new adventure, write a book, or gain a deeper sense of fulfillment because you’ve learned that more money doesn’t equal more happiness.

You know that you’re destined for more but you’re not sure how to move beyond your current reality. Maybe a bad breakup got you off course or you’re tired of just going with the motions. Have you ever felt like this before? Felt guilty for wanting more? Gotten so lost supporting others that you lost sight of your dreams. Tired of going down the wrong path…again! On the outside it seems like you have everything but deep inside you’re not happy.

When you don’t actively walk in your purpose and live up to your maximum potential you are not serving anyone, including yourself. It’s time to level up BIG in mind, body, and spirit with my proven success formula that I have now created into an extensive coaching program.

I wrote my book, Success Uncensored, a high achiever’s guide to design life on your own terms which is a guide to getting what you want in life, love, and business. It’a a book that will assist you in discovering your purpose, maximizing your greatest potential, transforming your mindset, and creating success beyond your wildest dreams. Now I’ve turned my book into a comprehensive course. This course is guaranteed  to catapult you into a life defined by going after those desires in your heart.

I’m Dr. Joy, a former elementary school teacher and counselor who kept pursuing purpose, left my comfortable job and leveled up. I took a risk started my own coaching business in 2015 and I have now been all over the nation, on major shows such as OWN, FOX, and Steve Harvey. I’ve helped tons of clients who are entertainers, entrepreneurs, and athletes, and have worked with the NFLPA, universities. On top of that, I’ve wrote not one, not two, but three life changing books. I heal hearts and give hope all because I said yes to success uncensored living.

Imagine a success uncensored life where you can:

  • Cultivate a success mindset and trust the intelligence within your heart.
  • Embrace gratitude as a driver for your ambition and success.
  • Become clear about what you really want — then, go after it.
  • Get big results by learning how to move past fear and insecurity.
  • Use my proven success formula to gain fulfillment and freedom

All you have is ONE life and this course will get you to live it to the fullest and see your desires manifest themselves in your life. It’s time to listen to that voice inside you that says I am made for more…because you’re kind of a big deal and I want you to show up and show out! The life you are craving is yours for the taking, and it’s time to dig in and make it happen. Because nothing will change unless you take control.

Success in the Soul is for entrepreneurs, coaches, smaller business owners, and driven people who are done undervaluing their life. This program is for those who are ready to do the internal work it takes to transform their mindset and realize their big dreams. It’s time to stop trying to fit in and stand out! It’s time to do what you want rather than listen to what others tell you you should be doing. It’s time to live life on your own terms with purpose, peace, clarity, and strategy.


The Success State of Mind Business Coaching Program is for entrepreneurs, creatives, and career climbers who want to learn the science behind getting what you want which is profit! This is for you if you want increased sales for your business or the company you are a part of.This program is for people who want to make more money in their business, learn how to leverage relationships for future promotions, gain an overwhelming amount of clients that are your target market, be seen as a leader in your field of business, and increase your confidence level significantly. 

We break down this coaching program into 3 months of training: Mindset Activation, Art of Persuasion (business seduction), and Storytelling that Sells. You will work alongside Dr. Joy as your coach as she equips you with the strategy and the knowledge to build each of these areas. You’ll learn how to manifest more money with your mind, Learn how to close deals and get others wanting your services and products, and speak to win using the power of storytelling to bring in revenue.


The Successful Speakers Get Paid Program is our signature speaking program focused on helping leaders emerge with no fear in public speaking and develop a strategy to profit from your voice. This program stretches for four months. It is for anyone whether they are in business or have a career or a stay at home blogger, athlete, or entertainer. This is for those who know they have been called to speak on bigger platforms and they need the proper message to monetize while they educate and empower others. 

This is for entrepreneurs who desire to be a paid speaker or experts in a profession such as a doctor or attorney who desire to become paid speakers in their area of study. Public speaking is one of the general public’s greatest fears, sometimes even more than death and taxes! Despite the fear, the professional public speaking industry continues to grow tremendously. Professional speakers can easily earn six figures in annual income, and some of today’s top business speakers charge a minimum of $50,000 per engagement. There will always be a need for strong communicators who can inspire and motivate an audience and offer key information to educate the masses. If you dream of being a paid public speaker, it’s important to get the right training — both on and offstage.  



Freedom – Discover and become yourself.  Learn some critical time management strategies which will allow you to get more done in less time so that you can enjoy the rest. You will know exactly who you are, what strengths you have and how YOU can create YOUR best results.

Clarity – Clarity to know what’s stopping, or holding you back from moving to the next level, what your next step should be, and what to do after you are done with it.

Focus – There are many coaches and consultants out there who will give you a ‘cut-and-paste’ plan that worked for them or somebody else, without looking at your specific business, industry or situation. During VIP Day with me you will receive a customized step-by-step plan designed specifically for you and your situation.

Breakthrough – You will be ready to step into the next stage of your business, organization or team. You will have fresh ideas, new tools and new strategies to create brand new results.

Results – Last, but not least, you will be on your way to create tangible results and take your business, organization or team to a whole new level.


“Dr. Keita Joy is not just only witty and engaging but she is real. She naturally challenges whoever she engages with to want more for themselves, to do better all while blossoming fabulously and faithfully in the meantime.”

Danisha Rolle

Owner and Founder of SET Magazine, NFL Wife


“Dr. Keita Joy does an excellent job of not only asking the right questions but listening to my answers so she could provide clarity on a well-constructed solution.”

Takeo Spikes

15 year NFL Vet, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals


“I have always been hesitant to work with a life coach but Keita Joy has put all of my doubts to rest. Not only is she incredibly professional and knowledgeable, she is authentic and relatable as well. After our first session, I  found myself anticipating the next. In just a short amount of time, Keita Joy has challenged me in ways that I didn’t think were possible and allowed me the safe space to release and grow. Every expectation was met and I gained clarity, confidence and peace. Keita does more than “coach” lives…She changes them.”

Britney Marie Harris

Inspirational Speaker & Author


Keita, has been a blessing to me and my family! Her professionalism, gentleness and forthright personality quickly displays a heart of caring and kindness. I came to her confused with a list of 20 careers & paths I wanted to take part in. She helped me to narrow them down and helped me to close all of my windows and open up just a few that are my passion and things I believe in. She has helped me to remain focused and is teaching me etiquette and tact. We are grateful that she started this business because before this I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about who I am and where I was going in life. My career path is clear now, I am in school I am focused and I believe I have found myself. Life has a clear destination and track toward success now. I am hopeful and I am still working on confidence, but she has given me some excellent tools for success. She speaks to my spirituality, my motherhood and my womanhood and my role as a wife and that is hard to find. I love that I have someone that works for my good. It is a big deal for me and every dollar we have spent on her services have been worth it. You will not be disappointed.

Myrtle October