“Dr. Keita Joy is not just only witty and engaging but she is real. She naturally challenges whoever she engages with to want more for themselves, to do better all while blossoming fabulously and faithfully in the meantime.”

Danisha Rolle

Owner and Founder of SET Magazine, NFL Wife


The Leaders Life Coach

  • The High Achievers coach to share your secrets with in a safe environment to grow from great to greater.

Your Off the Field Coach

  • Educate and empower players to make healthy short term and long term personal and professional goals. It’s game time!


    “Dr. Keita Joy does an excellent job of not only asking the right questions but listening to my answers so she could provide clarity on a well-constructed solution.”

    Takeo Spikes

    15 year NFL Vet, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals


    “Dr. Keita Joy is great at connecting with people. The way she connects with others is rare. She displays a reasoning beyond her years from her range of conversation. I’m looking forward to building!

    Caron Butler

    Former NBA Player, The Miami Heat, LA Lakers, OKC Thunder, Sacramento Kings


    Passion, Purpose & Profit PROGRAM

    Live a meaningful life with the money to match

    Authentic Branding & Business Building PROGRAM

    For start up businesses and entrepreneurs

    Athletic Life Coach PROGRAM

    Life skills training to college and pro-level athletes


    Power hour strategy session for start up businesses and entrepreneurs 

    VIP Coaching Experience

    An exclusive opportunity where I travel to your destination to give you the life coaching that you need for a day, weekend, week or more!

    Life Changing Virtual Masterclasses

    For personal and professional success! Click here to purchase a masterclass!


    “I have always been hesitant to work with a life coach but Keita Joy has put all of my doubts to rest. Not only is she incredibly professional and knowledgeable, she is authentic and relatable as well. After our first session, I  found myself anticipating the next. In just a short amount of time, Keita Joy has challenged me in ways that I didn’t think were possible and allowed me the safe space to release and grow. Every expectation was met and I gained clarity, confidence and peace. Keita does more than “coach” lives…She changes them.”

    Britney Marie Harris

    Inspirational Speaker & Author


    Keita, has been a blessing to me and my family! Her professionalism, gentleness and forthright personality quickly displays a heart of caring and kindness. I came to her confused with a list of 20 careers & paths I wanted to take part in. She helped me to narrow them down and helped me to close all of my windows and open up just a few that are my passion and things I believe in. She has helped me to remain focused and is teaching me etiquette and tact. We are grateful that she started this business because before this I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about who I am and where I was going in life. My career path is clear now, I am in school I am focused and I believe I have found myself. Life has a clear destination and track toward success now. I am hopeful and I am still working on confidence, but she has given me some excellent tools for success. She speaks to my spirituality, my motherhood and my womanhood and my role as a wife and that is hard to find. I love that I have someone that works for my good. It is a big deal for me and every dollar we have spent on her services have been worth it. You will not be disappointed.

    Myrtle October