Women in the workplace face all sorts of stereotypes. Black women in the workplace face twice as many. A recent study explored the impossible tightrope Black women in the workplace – particularly those in managerial positions – must walk, navigating and pushing back on the stereotypes of being a double minority. Being a woman can mean that people expect you to be extremely cooperative, pleasant, and possibly even a pushover. Being a Black woman in the workplace can mean, as one study found, that people expect you to be assertive.


While there is very little that you can do to avoid stress, there are ways that you can manage its symptoms and provide yourself some relief. Six members of Forbes Coaches Council share some practical tips that a modern professional can easily incorporate in their life to reduce stress levels. Here is what they recommend.


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We all have a story where pain lingers and pierces our hearts, yet we continue to work and build because that’s what high achievers do. But what about the high achiever who needs mental help? High achievers are often overlooked because we look like we have everything under control, yet high achievers are the ones who manage high levels of anxiety on a daily basis. We’re usually the ones that help others through their difficult situations, but rarely do others check up on us.  What then? 


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