Create Your Customer Avatar Class and Ebook


We can all learn to leverage our business and step up our hustle! What better way to bring in the new year then with the Customer Avatar Class. Have a product? Got a great service? But, are you reaching your target market? Do you know how to properly market to them to receive the sales you deserve. It’s time to stop playing small and learn who your ideal customer is.

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Are you ready for the Create Your Customer Avatar Virtual Class? This class is all about creating your customer avatar.

What the heck is a customer avatar? It’s YOU, creating from scratch what your ideal, PAYING, client/customer looks like. Where do they shop? What are their fears? What are they clicking on when they’re stalking people on Facebook and Instagram? It’s time to be marketing psychologist, and tap into their mind to better sell your product or service to them.

What’s the end result?? PROFIT!!!!!


And…in addition to the one hour course taught by your fav expert Dr. Keita Joy, you also receive a FREE ebook to help you in building your ideal client. So, if your an attorney, real estate agent, MUA, coach, stylist, author, etc. this is for YOU.


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